Molesson tutor programme aim is to train tutors so that they are empowered enough to be able to deliver our content to student. Our students range from Grade 9 students all the way to School certificate and High school certificate.

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If you want to learn something, teach it!- Richard Feynman

Teaching is the best way to share your knowledge to open minded students. allows student to learn from qualified teachers through our tutor mentoring programme.

Tutor mentoring Programme

The close relationship between tutor and student-that’s what teaching is all about.

At We train tutors to teach.The tutors follow our curriculum and our methodologies in order to allow students to achieve the best result possible.From Video lectures, past paper preparations, online class setup and course preparation Molesson supports the teacher.This translate to fantastic performance by student

What sets us appart from our competitors is our focus on Open Source Collective learning , we gather information from the greater community.We prepare past exams papers from greater community.

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