Navigating through a dissertation is complicated especially if its your first time. Confusion by analysis that is confusion from having too much information is common amongst students. Often students find themselves unable to motivate themselves as every setback make them lose motivation. Something as simple as a correlation test can confuse a student so much that they get depressed and lose precious time on their work.
At we provide accurate coaching drawn from our extensive experience coaching students through dissertation. We used the "reverse approach" i.e. starting from your questionaire and going backward towards your research objectives to better stitch your dissetation together.
A good dissertation/thesis must have a good flow, the research objectives must flow towards the hypothesis, the methodology and questionnaire design must be derived from hypothesis.The questionnaire must directly address the hypothesis and as such the appropriate suited statistical test must be chosen.
We are professional, we understand the intricacies of a dissertation. We also understand the stress, the frequent meeting with supervisors, the pressure to comply to certain standards. But remember, this is your first dissertation, but not ours.