Molesson coursework exchange programme relies on the concept of open source collective teaching (OSCT) and Open Source Collective Learning (OSCL).As such Molesson has establish a way for student and teachers to sell their coursework to bolster the curriculum material

Sell your course work

We buy School certificate and High school certificate notes!

Learn more about how we buy notes and what subject we are looking for.

At we are on the constant search for educational content. You can help and benefit by selling your past notes to us.

GCE O Level And GCE A level

Wait... wait! dont delete your notes after you are done with your examination. There is still use for it , what you wrote down,copied and worked hard upon can help someone else.From past papers,to a copybook full of all worked exercises, we buy them all.

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University Dissertation

At we offer university dissertation coaching. In that optic we are always on the lookup for quality dissertations from past students both at undergrad and masters level.

We value the different data collected and statisical analysis in your spss database

Navigating through a dissertation can be a tough deal. Many students are often lost whilst doing their SPSSS analysis and statisical testing. We look at past work submitted by students to establish a road map for new students.

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